Munich and Berlin, Germany

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Sister Huang Youlah recalled: "When distributing leaflets and sample books in the streets, people told us how pleased and honored they were to learn that Master was coming to lecture in Munich, where She used to live or was even a neighbor or acquaintance to some. On the day of the lecture, Master dressed in a resplendent vest that was the royal attire of ancient China. She greeted us with a witty remark, and I will never forget Her stunning beauty and radiant vigor that lifted the spirits of everyone who was present." For many lifetimes Master has developed good affinities with different sentient beings. According to various circumstances in which an affinity has been developed, Master manifests Herself in different forms so that the souls of those who have affinity with Her can recognize Her. Brother Yang Chuan Ping recounted: "When a girl saw a picture in which Master was playing the harp, she felt Master was so close and dear to her that she came to us asking for the tape. After the lecture, we observed her standing in a line waiting to fill out a form for initiation." Sister Wang Leejing recalled: "In Munich, a violinist came to our exhibition before the lecture and gazed at one of Master's paintings - 'Enlightened'. He told us that he had seen this painting in a dream and knew that only when he found the painter would he be enlightened. Because he was obligated to do a performance, he had to leave before the lecture began. He was near to tears and was only reconciled when we told him that he could attend the next lecture by Master in Berlin."

Brother Lu Shih-Tsung related an occasion when Master's power turned an unfavorable situation into a favorable one. "Being pressed for time, the contact person in Berlin rashly rented a venue in a bar. When we went to clean up and rearrange the area, the placed reeked of cigarettes and alcohol. We were dismayed. "Oh, my God! How can we have a group meditation in such a place?" However, after we placed Master's picture on the wall, the atmosphere became better. After Master arrived, the atmosphere was completely transformed as though we were in a paradise. Within such a short time, Master's invisible power had thoroughly purified the air. What a marvel! When we had to leave, I was reluctant to part with this greatly blessed bar."

In the brief period of eighteen days, seeds of enlightenment were sown across a fertile European soil. During the interim between 1993 and now, many have bloomed and are now helping to sow more seeds throughout the world.