Loyal Family Dog Saves Drowning Eight-Year-Old Keeper

By UK News Group (Originally in English)

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A loyal dog called Bud lived up to its reputation when it saved its drowning eight-year-old keeper Nye, who was lying helpless in a river with two broken arms.

Bud’s story of saving his owner was made known to everyone in the UK. One day, eight year old Nye Thom was swinging on a rope, as boys do, when he lost his grip and fell into the two feet deep river water. With both arms broken, Nye lay on his back in the water and called for Bud, the family dog who was adopted seven years ago from a local dog pound. Bud barked with all his might to get the parents’ attention, while anxiously attempting to help Nye. After several tries, Nye managed to wrap his pet’s lead round himself. With the other end attached to its collar, Bud managed to drag his owner up the muddy and slippery bank. “It took ages to get back up the embankment and I was in agony and covered in mud. The bank was slippery, but Bud seemed to know the best footholds,” the young boy recalled. Nye’s parents were very touched by Bud’s action and the Lassie style rescue, saying “Nye wouldn’t have been able to get up the embankment by himself. It’s hard enough without two broken arms.”

Bud, a dog that would have been abandoned in a black bag, has been given lots of treats as reward, yet he is just one of many examples of man’s best friend in action.