The Enigma Of Jesus' Multiplication Of Fish

Recorded By Resident Disciple In Hsihu Center, Formosa

Image IntroOne day, Master came back to Hsihu, and with Her infinite love for disciples, She had specially ordered many vegetarian cakes from Taipei. That night She invited the resident disciples to Her kitchen to enjoy the cakes. Unfortunately, the cakes didn't taste good enough and one particular cake was really too hard to even cut into with a knife. Because of this, Master and disciples looked at one another shaking their heads.

In the meantime, one of Master's attendants, Tong X said, "Today because of this vegetarian cake, we unveil the solution to a Biblical enigma which dates back a few thousand years." Master then added, "Right! If we didn't have this vegetarian cake today, the Biblical enigma could not have been solved. Jesus Christ once multiplied fish to provide for five hundred or five thousand people only. We have more than five thousand people here. Aiya! Not so bad, we have solved the puzzle at last, and starting from today no one should exaggerate any more about how Jesus multiplied bread.... Master is more powerful! (All laugh.) Moreover, it is not done by Master but by fellow initiates only and it is already so powerful. I guarantee that no matter how many people present here, they cannot (eat) finish this piece of vegetarian cake which has been blessed by Master. (All laugh.) If each one takes a glance at it and passes it to the next person in turn, then it will be passed around the whole ashram. Then even if thousands or ten thousand people come tomorrow they could probably not finish it. Is that right?"

"It doesn't matter if we cannot finish it, we may save it as a souvenir. There is one kind of very powerful preservative which can be sprayed on the cake preserving it for a long time." Attendant Tong X said, "We can place it in the Treasure Pavilion." (All laugh.) Master said, "Right! Treat it as an antique. Five thousand years later people can still study it and say, "What happened to this vegetarian cake, even ten thousand people were not able to finish it? She must have miracle power!" (All laugh.) Then, certainly, they will say Master is so humble that She never exaggerates Her miracle power. All of you have seen it today."