The Truth Behind Certain Matters

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by a Quan Yin messenger at Miaoli, Formosa

One afternoon when Master was having tea with a few Sister Quan Yin messengers, the subject of conversation shifted to "Chi" energy exchanging. There was a fellow practitioner who said that he used to exchange Chi with trees, and Master commented that his face looked green. This fellow practitioner did have an olive looking complexion which is now ruddy. As they continued to chat, one of the Quan Yin messengers said that she had also learned Chi-Kung before; after practicing Chi-Kung for a while, a person will prefer being with trees rather than with people and think that trees have a higher spirit than man.

 After Master heard this, She said, "Man is not tree. Why would we like to take in their Chi? If that is the case, wouldn't man be regressing? The Creator has provided us with enough Chi. We have enough of everything that we need, so why do we need to take in the Chi from trees? Those who like to take and exchange Chi were mountain spirits or tree spirits before. Of course tree spirits likes to absorb the spiritual Chi from others. Now that they have become man, they cannot forget their old habits, so they go around everywhere taking in other people's Chi or exchanging Chi with trees." Everybody found what Master said amazing.

 Master continued, "If a fox spirit, who attained certain merit, transmigrated into this world and became a person, he would love to practice supernatural powers. Some people like to be able to call upon the wind and rain by means of supernatural powers because they were the gods of rain & thunder in the sky before this life and they are still used to doing that kind of thing."

 Master said that indeed there are differences between individuals; not everyone has the same level. People, though looking the same on the outside, have different kinds of energy inside: some have the energies of animal's, some of tree's or some of demon's or ghost's. For example, if a person was a dog in his previous life, he may still feel like lifting his leg when he sees a lamppost. (Everybody laughed at hearing that.) A monkey can wear man's clothing, imitate man's movements and understand whatever you tell him to do. Although he may look very much like a man, he is not! If you offer him coffee or tea, he won't like it. But for a banana, he will do anything. Just like in a school, all the students wear the same uniform. We cannot tell who is a good or a bad student. The best student and the worst one will look similar, but they are not the same. Like in our group of messengers, everyone looks the same, but each one's inner level is different! It is the same with our fellow practitioners. At one time, a certain person seemed quite enlightened, but after talking to that person for a while, I found that was not the case. Therefore, we really need to have wisdom to be able to see clearly.

 Master also spoke about our tents, which we had to move. Master said that we might think that our tents were blown down by the typhoon because we had not attained a high enough level of practice; but it is not necessarily so. Perhaps God wanted to protect us from being contaminated by the atmosphere from the next tent, and arranged to make us move in that way. Otherwise, why was it that most of the tents were blown down but not all of them?

 Master then told us a story which she had told before. In India, there was a person who practiced the Quan Yin method. One day he went to a home and asked them to put him up for the night. Without any apparent reason, not only did that family not accept him but also were very rude to him, almost throwing him out of the window. He was chased out of that house. Not long after he left, a bomb was dropped onto the house killing the whole family. At First, when he asked the family to let him stay the night, he prayed very sincerely to his inner master to help him; but the more he prayed, the more anxious the family wanted to get him out of the house. It was because God was about to deal with the karma of that family, and since the practitioner did not have any collective karma with the family, God did not want him to stay in the house. At first glance, it seemed that God had not heard the practitioner's prayer and left him with nowhere to stay. It was only later that he understood that it was the best arrangement for him.

 Because She was on the subject, Master went on to give us a lecture. She said that it is always best for us to let God make all the arrangements. We are not capable of seeing the whole situation because we have not practiced enough, we are not completely enlightened, we cannot see far enough ahead, we have a big ego, and we are proud. Before, we would think that God would grant us whatever we prayed for, but the fact is that it will not necessarily be so; God makes arrangements depending on the situation.

 Master also said that sometimes She saw us making mistakes or She found out that there was something wrong with us, but She did not tell us immediately because She had confidence in us. She felt that we would realize our faults and correct them. Although we might have answered back to Master or did some other things wrong at the time, later we would have realized it and said, "Oh! It was my ego at work just then. That was bad!" Master asked us if that was the case with us. All of us, who had had such experience, nodded.

 Also, sometimes we might wonder why Master would be so stern with one person and so forgiving with another. The fact is that Master treats everyone equally. Because Master understands the various backgrounds of different people, She treats them accordingly. Master then gave us a few examples of that. She continued to tell us that when She teaches us, she keeps on pressing us until the Greatest Power within us emerges, and until we recognize our own greatness. However, Master observes how much we can take. If we are willing to keep moving, then Master will continue to press on. But, if we are not willing or not able to accept it, Master will stop. She will stop being so adamant.

 Master jokingly said that although She is a vegetarian tiger, She still has the awe-inspiring quality of a tiger. This tiger, though vegetarian, does not meow like a cat. After all, a tiger is a tiger, and has sharp eyes. When it roars, the whole mountain shakes, and everybody stands in awe.

 A real master cannot be soft-spoken all the time. He can do that but he would not be a perfect master. He cannot satisfy the needs of everyone, which are different from person to person. For example, some people need rain to help their crops to grow; but those who sell ice cream prefer sunshine. Even the weather has to vary. How can Master, who represents God, handling all the matters in the whole universe, not be perfect?