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The Secret of Master's Good Health

Spoken by Supreme Master Ching Hai, November 13, 1993 Houston, Texas, U.S.A. (Originally in English)

My health is good even though I am fragile, and sometimes I am sick. But my health is good compared to many other people. I have it easy, because I have it with the Spirit. I turn to the highest reservoir of all strength, wisdom and blessing; I don't work alone. I don't work with the limited physical strength and the very narrow brainpower. I work with the greatest storehouse of intelligence; therefore, I am never in conflict. That's why my life is easy.

The lives of all the Quan Yin practitioners who meditate, who quiet down and listen to the advice of the Inner Power, (Master points to Her wisdom eye), are easier, day-by-day. We turn to the greatest strength for help; we don't work with our limited, fragile physical body. When we have trouble, it is because we work with the limited computer, the brain, and we work with the limited muscles, the body. We don't know, and we forsake the higher efficient Power.