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Informed of Master's upcoming world tour stop, fellow initiates in Singapore quickly formed work groups to dispense with the various tasks. With the help of many fellow initiates from Formosa, all jobs were accomplished with great efficiency. With the blessings of Master, applying for a lecture permit, printing tens of thousands of sample books and leaflets, and posting fliers in public places all went smoothly. Everything was completed within a short period of time and at a very low cost. Nearly every building in the country had a poster on its wall. The whole nation was informed of the coming of Master Ching Hai and the advent of Her lecture.

Upon arrival in Singapore, Master was impressed by the advanced economy, clean environment, its disciplined citizens, and wise leadership. She indicated that these things symbolized a high level of spiritual consciousness. During the lecture, an ardent audience packed the hall, while thousands more crowded outside. From the warm welcome they gave to Master, their happy hearts and open minds, and their high-level questions, one could tell their spiritual level was very advanced. Master encouraged them to place more emphasis on spiritual aspects along with economic development, so that their prosperity would be more lasting and perfect, benefiting the whole country and each individual.