Special Reports


The Road of True Love Leads to Heaven

Compiled by fellow initiates (Originally in English and Chinese)

In recent months, fellow initiates from around the world had the blessed opportunity to attend group meditation sessions at St. Martin Center, and enjoy these happy gatherings with Master amidst God’s abundant grace. Despite Her extremely busy schedule, Master still found time to see us, to give discourses and tell us stories. Especially on Lunar New Year’s Eve, Master kindly treated everyone to a vegetarian barbecue, and then enjoyed a brilliant New Year celebration program with fellow initiates in many countries through videoconference. Warmth and bliss enveloped the whole St. Martin Center.

However, bearing in mind that numerous sentient beings are suffering in the world, Master said with great emotion that although human beings might be powerful enough to shift mountains and overturn oceans, they are vulnerable to deceit by the King of Maya and end up in this abyss of agony. Master was very upset and wished She could do more about the situation. She thanked us for our help, even those of us who had only distributed a single flyer, because it might eventually have had the impact of a hundred flyers. Perhaps the recipient of that flyer, pure in mind and believing in our ideal, had made hundreds or thousands of copies and then distributed them.

Fellow initiates shared some good news with Master. For instance, the UK National Health Service has issued a directive to its subsidiary hospitals to reduce the amount of meat served to patients, in order to meet the government’s green target for reducing carbon emissions. The Federal Environment Agency of Germany openly appealed to the public to eat less meat, and the US Environment Protection Agency proposed to levy taxes on the livestock industry for methane emissions. Master urged the world to “Please act fast! The faster the better, before it is too late.”

Master pointed out that, without government subsidies, a hamburger would sell for US$30 instead of 99 cents. Everyone is eating it because it is cheap, when in fact it only appears so and people are deceived. She suggested that all governments should subsidize organic farming instead of animal farming. No one is to blame, She said, adding that She is just very upset for being unable to reveal the truth to every person and to influence the governments. Many people in the world are starving; some children have been reduced to skeletons. This is a big shame for humankind, which everyone is responsible for, including Master Herself. She blamed Herself for not having done enough and not having sufficient tools to help the world. A sense of frustration and helplessness brought Master to tears.

In another discourse, Master mentioned that the karma of humankind has changed because numerous people are practicing spiritually. People can now travel freely when they could not do so in the past. However, that doesn’t mean the world will change completely. Even if the merit of spiritual practitioners becomes greater than the karma of this world, the law of the universe will not allow the entire karma of the world to be offset. People must awaken and become enlightened. Master further elaborated on the true meaning of love: At any time and under any circumstances, if you feel that you could sacrifice your life for other people, at that moment you are embracing true love. If you can remain constantly in this spirit, then you are walking steadily on the road to Heaven, towards the Fifth Realm.

On February 14, Master explained to us the true significance of Valentine’s Day and the Loving Quality. Valentine’s Day was not dedicated to lovers; it originally commemorated an apostle’s love for Jesus Christ. Master said that love can be developed. For instance, when we are  considerate of others, that is a kind of love. However, many people, following social trends, think that they have to step over another to be successful. This kind of success is fleeting; it will not last. If you have no love for other people, regardless of how successful you are in this life, in Providence’s eyes, you are good for nothing. People do not understand this truth; now they just try to grab anything they want, without considering the consequences. Some fellow initiates also have this problem. Master said it is very important to be loving. It is very good to have Valentine’s Day, but we should treat each day as Valentine’s Day.

Master reminded us that NQ (Noble Quality) and LQ (Loving Quality) are more important than IQ. However, many people, including fellow initiates, have very low LQ; some have only 20% to 30%. A person with a LQ of up to 70% would be easier to get along with. Anyone below 70% LQ would make Master feel uncomfortable. Of course, it is also necessary to take into consideration the person’s character and habits. Therefore, it is very difficult for Master to find an assistant who is high in LQ, amiable in character, and has good manners and discipline. It is very uncomfortable for Her to be among people who have only 50% LQ. If they have only 40%, 30% or 20% LQ, then it would be like hell for Her. Master lamented the lack of “good fortune” of being in the company of many such people, so She knew very well what it was like.

Master warned that it would be a grave mistake if humans try to halt global warming by merely relying on technology and scientific invention. Since time immemorial, there have been ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Mu, and Lemuria, whose technologies were far more advanced than ours today. However, people didn’t pay attention to karmic retribution but just relied on technology and intelligence, thus bringing on their own destruction. Master hoped that humans will remember these lessons and not walk the same disastrous path again.

When concluding a discourse, Master lovingly reminded us that the most urgent task right now is to do our utmost to disseminate the message of “Save the Planet with the Vegan Diet,” distribute flyers everywhere, put out public announcements, open vegetarian restaurants, sell vegetarian meal boxes, urge the government to publish relevant public-benefit advertisements, etc. She said: “I really love you very much. Remember: When you go back, tell people the truth without hesitation or reservation. Very soon, many people will become vegetarians. I can guarantee!”