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Splendid Results in Advocating the Vegetarian Diet in the Country

Combined Reports by Formosa News Groups (Originally in Chinese)

[Formosa] On the eve of Earth Day, April 22, Golden Year 5 (2008), The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association formed a “No Meat No Heat Union” with over fifty green groups to launch the “Go Veg to Cool Earth—2008 Earth Day Million People Signature Campaign” and then had the united declaration published. With the devoted endeavor of everyone, the signature collection target was reached before World Environment Day on June 5. More than 1.19 million people signed the Declaration and joined the No Meat No Heat force. On June 3, representatives from our Association, together with Legislator Lin Hong-chi, Tian Qiu-jin and other individuals, held a Result Report Conference at the International NGO House in Taipei. Many members of the media including television networks, radio stations, newspapers and the Internet made comprehensive reports. On May 28, Minister Shen Shu-hong of the Environmental Protection Administration announced the “10 Major Actions for Carbon Reduction,” which included “Eat more vegetarian food or vegetables, eat less meat, and endeavour to use locally grown foods.” He proclaimed that President Ma Ying-jeou would personally practice these energy-saving pledges.


[Taipei] On June 15, The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association was invited to participate in the Star Pets Carnival held by the Taiwan Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization. At the venue, fellow initiates distributed SOS flyers and showed global warming videos. They also presented Master’s books to the Taipei City Councillor, Chen Jian-ming, and Tu-cheng City Representative, Madam Zheng Zhao-ci, both of whom strongly support Master’s persistent endeavors in advocating the vegetarian diet and love for animals. They said they would follow the energy-saving measures and motivate the public and government organizations to fight global warming together.

On June 18, fellow initiates visited the Shilin Detention Centre to promote the No Meat No Heat ideal. In addition to preparing 20 delicious and attractive vegetarian dishes for the inmates, they also played the informative global warming videos at the venue and provided timely explanations to the audience. Director Chen of the Centre was very grateful for this carefully planned feast, which gave the inmates a chance to begin doing their part to save the Earth through the vegetarian diet. Later, he presented a Letter of Appreciation to our Association, while the representatives gave him Master’s book, The Noble Wilds, and the No Meat No Heat Declaration in return.


[Taoyuan] The kindergarten affiliated with the Datong Elementary School in Yan Mei Town held their graduation ceremony on June 21. Our Association members were invited by their Principal, Mr. Wu Fo-deng, to conduct an educational activity inspiring the young kids to respect life, love animals, and to understand the global crisis caused by animal farming. The Town Mayor, Mr. Peng Sheng-fu, also came and appealed for everyone to adopt the vegetarian diet, as it is the best diet for our health and the most effective and fastest way to avert global warming.


[Hsinchu] On June 5, at the Hsinchu Science Park, our Association held a press conference announcing that the target of collecting a million signatures supporting the No Meat No Heat Declaration had been surpassed. Guests in attendance included government officials, people’s representatives, academics, as well as administrative representatives and CEOs from over one hundred factories. Deputy Mayor Chen Chuan-gui, Hsinchu County Deputy Magistrate Peng Guang-zheng, General Director Yen Tsong-meng of the Science Park Administration, and other officials representing the government, all appealed to the public to adopt the vegetarian diet and embark on a new lifestyle that is eco-friendly and energy saving. After signing the Declaration, everyone enjoyed a sumptuous feast of pure vegetarian delicacies carefully prepared by our Association members.


[Taichung] The Taichung government has been enthusiastically publicizing the carbon reduction policy, and launched a “Green Thursday” project beginning June 14. Apart from asking its citizens to eat less meat and not to eat meat on Thursdays, the government also suggested that they turn off the lights, take the stairs, switch to public transportation or riding bicycles, and other concrete actions to reduce CO2 emissions. Together with many councillors and government officials, Deputy Mayor Xiao Jia-qi of Taichung City and his wife took the lead in adopting the vegetarian diet or reserving several days a week for vegetarian meals, so as to set a good example for everyone to follow.

In Taichung City and County, many teachers and students in more than 300 junior high schools and elementary schools have adopted the vegetarian diet after receiving the latest climate change information provided by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association. More than half of the schools will begin, in the new school term, to provide pure vegetarian meals for at least one day each week. The school authorities have also requested to have more relevant audio and visual materials to be shown to the teachers and students.


[Changhua] Student organizations from the National Changhua University of Education, including the Environment Concern Club, Jinde Club, Ci-Tsing Club, and the Won-Won Club, in cooperation with the No Meat No Heat Union and the Changhua County Environmental Protection Bureau, conducted the No Meat No Heat million people signature campaign at the Changhua County Stadium and the Changhua University of Education Stadium, from May 9 to May 13. The campaign was held during the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games and received warm support from teachers and students from colleges throughout the country. During the athletic games, about 2,000 people signed the Declaration and acknowledged the crucial factor of the vegetarian diet in halting global warming.


[Chiayi] On June 3, our Association members from the Chiayi Centre were invited to share information about fighting global warming to save the Earth at Tai Xing Elementary School in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County. That day, they provided a vegetarian lunch for all the teachers and students in the school, showed the “Devour the Earth” video, and conducted the "No Meat No Heat" signature collection activity, which received a very good response and support from the teachers and students.

The Principal, Mr. Hong Jian-de, continuously praised our Association for holding this meaningful educational event. He believes that all the teachers and students that participated understood the urgency of global warming and the harm that the meat diet is doing to the environment. He encouraged everyone to begin gaining the support and involvement of more teachers and students, and then gradually influencing the general public.


[Tainan] To help the younger generation to understand and pay greater attention to the global warming crisis, fellow initiates from Tainan actively conducted awareness activities in various schools. In May and June, they shared the messages in many campuses from elementary schools to universities, and received very positive responses. Teachers and students earnestly supported the “No Meat No Heat Million People Signature Campaign,” and pledged to join the carbon reduction force with practical actions, and do their part in saving the Earth! Principal Shi-Xiu-jin of the Yu Zheng junior high school personally presented a Letter of Appreciation to The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for its earnest efforts.

The educational activities included showing the students a climate change video put together by Supreme Master Television, complete informative reports, and “Hidden Tears behind the Iron Wall” to really depict the cruelty that animals have to endure. A quiz with prizes helped to reinforce the facts and create a deeper impression in the students. The Principals said that the information gathered by our fellow initiates had amply pointed out the many crises that global warming is bringing to humankind. It was indeed a precious lesson for the students! Following the presentation, exquisite vegetarian delicacies were offered for everyone to enjoy. The Principals of many schools also encouraged the students to eat more vegetarian food to minimize the harmful effects to the Earth, and to take home the information provided to share with their families so they too could see the benefits of this healthy, Earth-sustaining diet and begin to follow it.


[Hualien] To support World Environment Day on June 5, our Hualien Association members provided pure vegetarian meals for all the staff members of the Forest Bureau Namhua Station and the Educational Department of the Hualien County Government that day.


[Penghu] On June 8, at the Dragon Boat Festival, our Penghu Centre participated in the Good Food Garden Party, held by the Penghu County Government, to share the urgent news about global warming and the ways to save the Earth. Besides distributing SOS flyers and the Fight Global Warming booklets, the initiates also served delicious and healthy, pure vegetarian snacks, which received positive comments from the public.

On June 19, in a visit to Penghu Cable Television, fellow initiates met with the president of the network, Mr. Huang Ji-xiang, to express their gratitude and to present to him a selection of Master’s books, a Letter of Appreciation and other gifts for his earnest support in broadcasting Supreme Master Television programs daily on their Public Channel 3, (Please refer to the relevant report in News #196.)

In a meeting with the Mayor of Penghu County, Mr. Wang Qian-fa, on June 24, fellow initiates explained to him the urgency and critical situation of global warming, highlighting the harmful effects that animal farming has on the environment. The County Mayor took immediate action. He instructed his secretary to compile and arrange the relevant information, he contacted the pertinent departments and media, and then started to think of various strategies on how to encourage the Penghu citizens to join the “Save Energy, Reduce Carbon Emissions, and Fight Global Warming through the Vegetarian Diet” campaign. On July 1, on the electronic billboard at the busiest intersection in Magong City, there is this message: “County Mayor Huang Qian-fa appeals to all citizens to save energy to reduce carbon emissions; encourages everyone to eat vegetarian food, wholesome food, and eat less meat to avert global warming; drive less and walk more; minimize the use of air conditioning; plant more trees; … Let us do our best to save the Earth….” We are very grateful to County Mayor Huang for his wise, efficient and fast actions, and we hope the Penghu people will join the vegetarian and green force as soon as possible.

Seminar Urges Prompt Action to
Reduce Carbon Emissions

By Nantou News Group (Originally in Chinese)

Local media bring comprehensive reports of the carbon-reduction seminar to audiences nationwide.

[Nantou] To support World Environment Day and ensure a sustainable existence for all living beings on Earth, the Nantou and Taichung Centers of The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association held a global warming seminar and exhibition in joint cooperation with Asia University and the Ministry of Education on June 4. The theme of the event held at Asia University was “Act Now to Reduce Global Carbon Emissions.” Distinguished guests included Asia University President Chang Horng-jinh; Lin Chien-yih, Dean of the College of Health Science; Chen Ting-ko, Dean of the College of Management; as well as many legislators, government officials and entrepreneurs. Experts and scholars discussed a wide range of global warming topics, exploring evidence from outer space surveys of Earth, the impact of animal husbandry, organic farming and sustainable energy. The discussions were complemented by a display of a solar energy car and wind turbine models provided by several organizations.

At the seminar, members of the Association announced the following good news: “More than 1.19 million people have signed the ‘No Meat No Heat’ petition, and the Presidential Office has officially included the ‘eat more plant-based food and less meat’ policy in the World Environment Day Carbon-Reduction Declaration.” More than 400 guests and attendees raised their right hands and loudly pledged to “Go Veg, Be Green, Save the Earth!” This showed their determination to take action to preserve the well-being of our planet. Fellow initiates from the Nantou Center provided 500 servings of free vegan food and beverages for all the guests. Many gave a thumbs-up sign and praised: “Vegan food is not only delicious but also can save the Earth!”

We are grateful for the detailed coverage of this activity by various media including the Commercial Times, Liberty Times, United Daily News, Central Life Cable Network, Super FM99.1, National Education Radio, and the vegan website With God’s blessing and support from the government and media, we hope everyone will work together to accomplish the attainable “Go Veg, Be Green, Save the Earth!”